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Anais features big curly hair style, blue eyes and light skin. She is subtly scented with a sweet smell of vanilla to emulate newborn babies, and is small enough for your little one to hold, dress and carry.


Anais is part of the Minikane Gordis Dolls, exclusively made by the best dollmakers in the world based in the Valley of Alicante, Spain. They are thoughtfully made using nontoxic vinyl, phthalate free, with anatomically correct features. They have well-defined ethnic features to aid recognition of most representative races, allowing your child to develop social and cultural awareness, and introduce them to concepts of family and social relationships.


Doll parts are articulated, as head, arms and legs allowing the child to play with the doll in a creative, open-ended way through role play and storytelling, enhancing their social skills and imagination, as well as to develop their fine motor skills by dressing and undressing their dolls.


Dimensions: 34cm

**Suitable for children aged 3 years +.



**Clothing sold separately.




Tip: You may comb the hair with a little water to reshape to the desired position and airdry. Arms and legs are removable to airdry as well. Some preemie onesies fit these dolls.




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