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PRODUCT LAUNCH // MINIKANE handmade dolls •
MY NIAYAH LACE Doll Clothes and Accessories

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Ethically made and

carefully curated.


All things of comfort and aesthetically pleasing.

Find the perfect staple for your modern neutral






Babic Threads is a label that carries ethically  made and carefully curated products. 

We intend to put together all things of comfort and aesthetically pleasing for the little ones' elevated lifestyle.


We have come to that moment that of many times of indulgence, of wandering, of daydreaming, of reveries, in increasing intensity.

A corollary of accident and reverberating circumstance that we wonder with profound anticipation of what can be - something creative, 

productive and delightful for us, for our dear friends and for everyone else, as well. 

We have in us all the dreams in the world and so we revel and only desire that you do too. 



Cristina and Anika ♡

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